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The backbone of The Byuti, Liz Ho never in her life thinking about climbing the corporate ladder what’s more building up her own empire where never even near in her bucket list. A girl from a layback state of Terengganu asked was just a simple and smooth journey in her career. Beauty Line was never her wish list either till Fate brought her into this industry in 2011. Starting as a Sales Manager in one of the Top company in beauty line, she successfully made an imported brand famous locally and till now, it is still the Top 10 Brand in Nail Lacquer industry.

A decade after, some turmoil encouraged and drove her to build her own empire in beauty line and all she has in her mine was WAXING (we won’t go into details why as we have asked her numerous time and all she can answered was… “I don’t know… the word WAX just stuck to my mind” she said. I’ve been waxing myself. I’ve have found a good brand and I can foresee in years to come. This will hit the market. With her determination, a little struggle here and there, and a little stubbornness (she only wants the best and nothing but the best). Finally, she found the brand that she wants and will be happy to work with. Needless to say… The Byuti was born right after (and that’s less than 3 years, ya).

With no experience in any businesses nor wax industry, she started with only 2 working powers (including herself). Taking part in beauty expo, tones of products all over her living space, some close friends and acquaintances thinks that she was OUT OF HER MIND!

Let’s see who is Out of their mind now…. Only a short few years, time molded Liz to become the #1 master trainer in Malaysia, recognized internationally in the waxing industry and it will never stop there. Her goal is to introduce more brands/products that caters to the NEED of the market and not creating more WANT in Beauty Industry.

Along the time, her restless mind begins to think again! Aging makes her concerns about her own skin and she started to research on it. No needles, No downtime, No risk. She found a range of products and excitedly, she flew to SPAIN just to see and experience it on herself. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! She brought the brand back to Malaysia. A new, innovative aesthetic skincare range for mesotheraphy & skin resurfacing (peeling).
A skincare range that is not YOUR NORMAL skincare range.

“A WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE WITH ENDLESS ENERGY” one sentence that sums it all about this lady.

the world has created enough WANT… I’m here to bring you what you actually NEED” Liz Ho


The name byuti was inspired by Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘beauty’ ビューティー. The name is unique and symbolizes beauty in all aspects. We believe there are no boundaries in the world of beauty. Hence, the byuti has carefully selected a wide range of Health & Beauty Care and waxing products that will lift its client by elevating their beauty inside out in every form. the byuti’s product range includes Aesthetic Skincare, Mesotheraphy, Skin Resurfacing (peels), professional waxing care, body care, waxing accessories and other selective beauty products such as Intimate Care, Lash Care & Specific Targeted Face & Body Care. Established in year 2011, the byuti is committed to deliver only the best to meet the client needs.


The byuti is not only confined to selling beauty products as it’s main; it also provides excellent after sales service through the tailored “knowing what & how’ workshop on all the product it carries and how to professionally use them. This make the byuti a Trusted Business Partner in both as a Beauty Products Supplier and Top Waxing Academy in Malaysia to all its clients and not just a trading entity. the byuti has always positioned itself as an important partner in Aesthetic Skin Care (mesotherapy & skin resurfacing – peels) & waxing care supply chain. The byuti also provides consultation to assist “owner-to-be” on how to setup their business with a standard operating procedure. Tailored training courses are also available to individual salon in order to cater to their unique needs, such as Aesthetic Beauty (Care (mesotherapy & skin resurfacing – peels) & waxing salon management for the owner; Technical skill for the staffs and even customer education courses.



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