Started with Waxing as our core business and needless to say, we are now Malaysia No.1 in both, as Malaysia Waxing Supplier and Malaysia Waxing Academy, recognised internationally. We thrive to bring you only the best brands, products & techniques.

Since the dawn of time, women have tried to stop the clock. Yet, along the way, scientists struggled to find the root of what causes skin to age. In order to treat aging skin, you have to know the underlying problem.

This brings us back to 69BCE where Cleopatra takes daily baths in donkey milk to 150AD where a Greek physician Galen develops a cold cream from a combination of water, olive oil and beeswax, followed by a Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sets off to find the fountain of youth in 1513. In 1558, Elizabethan women place thin slices of raw meat on their faces to minimize wrinkles and in 1700s, Women of the French used aged wine on their faces for exfoliating benefits.

The list is endless till now in the modern world of technology, new medical findings with extraordinary doctors and professors Anti-Aging products listed the top in the beauty industry.

And again, the Byuti only bringing you what you need. The best solution to all Anti-Aging troubles, we introduce you to FUSION.

“NATURAL” the timeless and endless word you hear from anyone at the era. Keratin Lash Lift is a solution to having a beautifully lifted and natural lashes without damaging, weighing down your own lashes and restrict your daily routine. Time to throw away those nasty curlers!!

Formulated in Korea, this treatment comes with no down time & flexible… you can rub away your itchy eyes, remove your make-up or wash your face however you want and sleep soundly without worrying it will end up like an old broom the next day. All you have is a beautiful lashes every morning.

With its Keratin Boost care, it will also strengthen and nourish your natural lashes making it strong and healthy.

Feeling Fresh & Great the Natural Way… SALT OF THE EARTH, a well-known brand in Natural Deodorant market.

Salt of the Earth Natural Deo Crystal is made purely from Potassium Alum, a natural antibacterial mineral salt that has been used for odour protection for hundreds of years.

This deo crystal works by leaving a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin. These mineral salts are a natural deodorant and inhibit the formation of body odour on your skin, providing you with long lasting protection.

  • Unisex
  • Fragrance Free
  • Long lasting protection
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Not tested on animals
  • No embarrassing white marks
  • Won’t interfere with Homeopathic medicine

FREE FROM: Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Parabens, Alcohol, Perfumes, CFC’s, Triclosan, Mineral Oils, and Propellants.

Taking care of your body. Keeping it clean & healthy will helps you feel good about yourself as well as boost your self-esteem.

The importance of embracing good personal hygiene practices cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, maintaining personal hygiene is very important for a number of reasons, including preventing various infections among others. One of the areas where practicing good personal hygiene is of utmost importance is in your private parts.

Hence we bring you FOELLIE & YEJIMEN to make sure all will be well taken care off even at your monthly lowest time.


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