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The Definitive Resource for All Eye Shapes’ Natural Lash Extensions—Find Your Flutter


The Definitive Resource for All Eye Shapes’ Natural Lash Extensions—Find Your Flutter

How to Choose the Ideal Natural Eyelash Extension Styles for Your Eye Shape

Selecting the best eyelash extension styles suited to your eye shape is essential when aiming for fluttery lashes that accentuate our inherent attractiveness. Among so many possibilities available, it’s important to understand what suits your special qualities and natural lash look the best. Let’s define natural eyelash extensions, go over selecting the best type for your eye shape, and discuss some size and length considerations.

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Eye Shape

Selecting the ideal eyelash extensions really depends on knowing your eye shape. Among the many typical eye shapes are round, almond, hooded, downturned, and upturned. The ideal choice of lash style is influenced by the special qualities of each form.

natural eyelash extension

Round Eyes :The iris of a round eye is obviously visible, while the surrounding area is white. For an illusion of almond-shaped eyes, use lashes that are longer in the outer corners.

Almond Eyes: The traditional shape of almond eyes is a little uplifted outer corner that resembles, well, an almond. Fortunately for those with almond eyes, most lash looks flatter in this form. Select natural augmentations that, without dominating, highlight your inherent curve.

Hooded Eyes : When the eyes are closed, the drooping, heavier lid of hooded eyes hides the crease. Seek out varying-length lashes to give them lift and dimension. Steer clear of particularly heavy or thick styles that could cause the lid to droop.

Downturned Eyes: With their little droop at the outer corners, downturned eyes can give the impression that you are depressed or tired. Select lashes that give the appearance of wings or cat eyes to offset this. These looks elongate and rejuvenate you by lifting the outer corners.

Upturned Eyes:Having an upward tilt in the outer corners of your eyes naturally gives you an alert and awake appearance. Picking lashes with greater volume in the middle will help to balance out the upward slant and produce a more unified appearance.

Step 2: Choosing Best Eyelash Extensions Styles Based on Eye Shape 

The ideal eyelash extensions should be chosen with careful consideration of the eyelash extensions length after knowing your eye shape. More drama and flair are added by lengthier lengths, which appear more natural. Between the two, medium lengths provide a little boost without overpowering your eyes.

The Ideal Length for a Natural Eyelash Extension Look based on Your Eye Shap


Eye ShapeSuitable Length (mm)Description
Round10mm to 14mmMedium to long lengths help elongate the eyes, creating a more almond shape.
Almond8mm to 14mmShort to long lengths complement the natural curve of almond eyes.
Hooded8mm to 12mmShort to medium lengths prevent overwhelming the lid and provide lift.
Downturned10mm to 14mmMedium to long lengths with a winged effect lift the outer corners.
Upturned10mm to 14mmMedium to long lengths with added volume towards the center balance the upward tilt.

What Thickness Works Well for Natural Eyelash Extension Styles?

Using eyelash extensions to provide a natural appearance requires careful consideration of the eyelash extensions thickness. Selecting 0.07mm to 0.15mm extensions achieves the ideal balance. With this range, you may add volume without being overly noticeable and it will blend in perfectly with your own lashes.


For those with hooded or downturned eyes, thinner thicknesses, such as 0.07mm, prevent any weight on the lid. Medium thicknesses—roughly 0.10mm—offer a small but significant improvement and are adaptable to most eye shapes. Though they should be used sparingly for a natural look, thicker extensions—up to 0.15mm—can offer some drama.


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