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Our Academy

A place where we share our knowledge, techniques and help build professionals in fulfilling the needs of the industry with workshops and trainings.

Become a Skincare Expert through Waxing, Resurfacing & Mesotherapy Workshop

Workshop & Training

Obtain techniques, knowledge and skills on waxing, skin resurfacing, and mesotherapy from our panel of certified trainers at The Byuti Academy.
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The Ultimate Technique to Offering The Perfect Waxing Expreience

From body, face, intimate mapping and more, learn the techniques to delivering the best waxing experience while promoting healthy, prepped skin and minimizing post-waxing irritation for your customers at The Byuti Academy.

Journey To A Revitaliased Skin Begins with Mesotherapy

Master the skills needed to administer a successful mesotherapy session, delivering a range of visible improvements for your customers, including deep hydration, improved elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and a more youthful, radiant complexion.
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A Master Class Dedicated To Countering Common Skin Troubles

Obtain the optimum solution to acne, pigmentation, ageing, uneven skin tone, and sun damage by understanding the fundamentals of skin resurfacing and incorporating additional treatments like chemical peels and microneedling into your routine.


Explore the skills to manuever and master the use of equipment behind mesotherapy that include professional solutions, cosmeceuticals, and medical devices.

Professional Waxing

Recognised internationally, our Waxing Academy is designed to equip professionals and trade partners with end-to-end techniques for proper waxing.

Skin Resurfacing

Address the common skin troubles faced by your clients such as acne, pigmentation, ageing and more by learning the fundamentals of skin resurfacing treatment methods.

Spa-Grade Products

Imported from Spain, pamper yourself with our range of skin resurfacing products that include professional peelings, resurfacing skincare, and exclusive serums supported by Beauty Industry in Malaysia.

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