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Discover our forte in mastering the skills and equipment for mesotherapy including professional solutions, cosmeceuticals, and medical devices.

Professional Waxing

Recognised internationally, our Waxing Academy is designed to equip professionals and trade partners with end-to-end techniques for proper waxing.

Skin Resurfacing

Address the common skin troubles faced by your clients such as acne, pigmentation, ageing and more by learning the fundamentals of skin resurfacing treatment methods.

Style With Lashes

At our hub for luxurious lashes, find everything you need. From professionals to enthusiasts, we as a cosmetics wholesale Malaysia cater to all with our extensive range of high-quality products.

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mesotherapy - our forte
3 Things to know about mesotherapy

1. Professional Treatment
– We provide a wide range of professional solutions as a wax & lashes supplier including mesotherapy to create
customized treatment programs tailored to the needs of our
customers which include prevention, preparation, specific treatment
steps, and the final follow-up and maintenance phases.

2. Cosmeceuticals Division
– An extensive development of cosmeceuticals dedicated to medical,
beauty professionals and the general public are all manufactured with
highest quality and clinically proven active ingredients backend with
safety assurance and control standards.

3. Intradermal Medical Devices
– Development and commercialize class III, Interdermal medical devices
with CE conformity marketing, indicating that they conform to Europe
standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

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Introduction To Our Spa-grade Resurfacing Peels.

ekseption is an exclusive skin resurfacing brand formulated and manufactured in Spain.

The exclusive range of products focuses on exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin by balancing different pH levels for different skin types. The formulation includes a blend of natural acid (PHA) and powerful active ingredients to create a comprehensive skincare program available in the market.

With more than 15 years of experience in the skincare and aesthetic medicine field, ekseption offers cosmetic solutions that are characterized by their exclusively high degree of innovation and significant scientific contribution. Moreover, all of ekseption skincare beauty products in Malaysia are ISO and GMP certified (ISO 13485, ISO 22716, ISO 9001) for the production and distribution of skincare and medical devices.

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7 must-know about our body care product.

At Beauty Industry in Malaysia, we believe that bringing in a quality range of skincare and aesthetic product is way more important than quantity.

With this, let us share with you the 7 Must-know about our Body Care Product, featuring Salt of the Earth – a 100% natural plant-based deodorant spray, formulated to aid and eliminate body odour.

Salt of The Earth is also known for:
1. The first gender-neutral deodorant spray
2. Long-lasting protection
3. No white marks/stains on shirts
4. Alcohol-free
5. No parabens or propellants
6. Vegan society approved
7. Animal-cruelty-free

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