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Best Malaysia Wax Supplier for Waxing Supplies Wholesale in Malaysia

Your Trusted Malaysia Wax Products for Smooth, Flawless Skin

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky-smooth confidence! At The Byuti, we're dedicated to providing you with everything you need for a flawless waxing experience. Whether you're a professional salon owner or a beauty enthusiast at home, we're your one-stop shop as a trusted wax supplier.

What Malaysia Wax Supplier provide to you

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Premium Waxes for Every Need

We as a top wax supplier in Malaysia offer a curated selection of high-quality hard and soft waxes to cater to various skin types and hair textures. From gentle formulas for sensitive skin to strong waxes for stubborn hair, we have the perfect solution for a comfortable and effective waxing experience.

Beyond the Basics

The Byuti provides a comprehensive range of beauty products to elevate your waxing routine in Malaysia. This includes pre- and post-waxing products like soothing lotions, ingrown hair serums, and professional-grade prepping wipes to ensure optimal results.

Professional-Grade Depilatory Products

Looking for a hair removal alternative? Explore our selection of top-of-the-line depilatory creams and lotions formulated for long-lasting hair removal with minimal irritation.

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Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Our passionate team is here to guide you. We offer expert advice as a wax supplier on choosing the right wax for your needs, proper application techniques, and aftercare tips to maintain smooth skin for longer.


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Unmatched Quality

We source our products from leading manufacturers, ensuring you receive high-performance waxes and effective depilatory solutions for professional-grade results.

Convenience & Selection

Enjoy a one-stop shopping experience with our comprehensive range of waxing products. We offer everything you need for a smooth and successful waxing experience.
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Competitive Prices

At The Byuti, you don't have to compromise on quality for affordability. We offer competitively priced products to suit your budget without sacrificing performance.

Factor Choosing Wax Supplier

Good quality product

International education programme

Technical support

Upsell retail training

Marketing support

Good Quality Product

International Education Programme

Technical Support

Upsell Retail Training

Marketing Support

Your Success Depends on Your Ability to Locate the Ideal Wax Supplier

At The Byuti, we understand the importance of exceptional wax in crafting exquisite candles, luxurious cosmetics, or any innovative wax-based creation you envision. Finding the perfect supplier goes beyond securing raw materials; it’s about building a partnership that fuels your success.

We offer a diverse range of high-quality waxes, from clean-burning soy wax for delightful candles to natural beeswax for superior cosmetics. Rigorous quality control ensures consistent performance, allowing you to create stunning products every time. But that’s not all. The Byuti prioritizes your growth. We offer educational workshops and training programs, empowering you with industry knowledge and best practices in Malaysia wax handling and formulation. We believe in collaboration, and explore co-operative marketing opportunities to expand your brand reach and attract a wider audience. With The Byuti as your trusted partner, you have the foundation to transform your vision into reality.

frequently asked questions

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Do you offer bulk discounts or wholesale pricing for large orders?

Yes, we do offer bulk and chain store for large order of beauty products.

What are minimum order quantities?

Min 400kg per order

How many wax types does a typical supplier offer?

Depends, normally 2-3 types with a few variants

Do suppliers offer recycling or waste disposal programs?

No, it’s unhygienic.

What are the typical price ranges for different types of wax?

RM50 to RM210 per kg

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