the byuti

The idea of byuti was inspired by the Japanese pronunciation of ‘beauty’ ビューティー. The name is simply unique and symbolizes beauty in all aspects. We believe there are no boundaries in the field of beauty. Hence, the byuti has carefully selected a wide range of waxing product that may lift its client of bringing up their beauty in every form. the byuti product range includes professional waxing care, body care, waxing accessories and waxing academy.

Commenced it operations in June 2011, the byuti is committed to deliver its best to meet the client waxing needs.

the byuti is not only confined to selling waxing products; it also provides after sales service through the tailored “knowing how’ workshop on the product it carries.

the byuti

This make the byuti become the Trusted Business Partners with its clients rather than just a trading entity. the byuti has always positioned itself as an important partner of the waxing care supply chain.

the byuti also provides consultation on how to setting up waxing with a standard operating procedures to assist ‘owner -to -be’. Tailored training courses are also available to individual salon in order to cater to their unique needs, such as waxing salon management for the owner; Technical skill for the staffs and even customer education courses.


To become a Trusted Business Partners in the waxing industry through its commitment of providing unique products and profession consultations which can help the waxing chain to stay competitive in the market and attracting more players to waxing industry.